Our valuation practitioners help clients make decisions confidently, enhance results and assist you to get ahead of key issues. We assist in performing valuations of business interests, tangible and intangible assets and intellectual property. These services are provided to assist clients with mergers and acquisitions; reorganisation; and strategic planning.

Summary of Valuation & Advisory Services offered;
  • Valuation of Business Interests
  • Tangible Asset Valuation
  • Intangible Asset Valuation



Asset valuations include the provision of either valuation opinion or valuation consulting services for individual or multiple tangible and intangible assets or liabilities and intellectual property. Valuations in connection with an entity’s financial reporting requirement in the contest of business combinations. Valuations of and/or estimates of remaining useful life of individual intangible or intellectual assets where the result are used for:

  • Financial statement or tax reporting purposes
  • General business purposes
  • Transaction planning
  • Purchase or sale of assets
  • Licensing or relicensing
  • Collateral or secured financings or refinancing
  • Litigation or dispute resolution purposes

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