Where are you on your
Digital Transformation Journey?

Digital transformation is a journey with multiple connected intermediary goals, striving towards ubiquitous optimization across processes, divisions and the business ecosystem.

A digital strategy roadmap is a bridge between strategy and an execution plan to make organizational products and services relevant by using technologies to converge the physical and virtual experiences of your customers – sometimes referred to moving from a multichannel business model to an omnichannel business model. The best Digital strategies are built on good governance and data as a platform, not intuition.

Our Services



Gain instant security maturity with a cost-effective way to address the cybersecurity skills gap.

Through our team of experts and internationally accredited technology partners, we will configure and operate the perfect solution for your organization while also offering the industry's only true remote remediation service.

We provide a single agent solution to stop breaches, data theft, and cyber attacks.



Empowering clients to make informed business decisions by providing accurate and reliable insights into your operations to support your digital objectives.

We help craft your digital DNA to enable you to stay Future Fit while identifying emerging opportunities, extracting value and creating new revenue streams by harnessing the full power of digital.



Intelligent Index free Log Management that enables data aggregation, exploration, reporting & analysis from a range of sources.

Our purpose built logging tool features innovative data storage and in memory search and query technology that is purpose-built for large-scale logging in real time and visualization of all your data, logs, metrics, events and traces.



Compliance complexities can impact and cost your business irreparably if left unattended.

We assist small to enterprise clients achieve POPIA and /or GDPR compliance by holding their hands through a guided and robust journey. Our services encompasses technology and tools, advisory, workshops, videos and guides, policy, document templates and management services developed and supported by subject matter experts across multiple verticals.



Bridging the divide between the geospatial and the operations world through our Integrated data capabilities and GIS solutions.

We develop GIS solutions that boost efficiency, productivity and quality to shape urban and production ecosystems to become increasingly connected and autonomous. 



Our HR solutions are well researched and takes into consideration HR trends within the designated market and drives alignment to HR best practices through HR consulting, analyses, design and implementation.

We are aligned to corporate social responsibility, educational and government related programs more specifically as it relates to youth and women’s development and empowerment.

5 Key Success Factors for Digital Transformation:

Understanding what business outcomes you want to achieve.

Developing a framework that shows what is required and how it will be achieved.

Leveraging of existing systems, capabilities, assets and data and enabling different lines of business to benefit from it.

Managing cultural change and people by setting clear goals, priorities, beneficiaries and timelines for projects and embedding them in governance.

If you cant measure and verify progress, it’s impossible to know how well your transformation journey is faring and what corrective actions to take.

“Our Intelligent Business Solutions have proven to automate, simplify and reduce costs while improving performance, providing visibility and insights into operations.”